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  1. The Buyer has the right to exchange the purchased goods for analogous goods of different dimensions, shape, color, model, or completeness within 14 (fourteen) days from the day of the transfer of the goods to him. If there is a price difference when exchanging goods, the Buyer must settle with the Seller according to the recalculated prices. The Buyer's notification of the desire to exercise the right provided in this clause of the Rules, along with the specified returned goods, is sent by email to
  2. Deficiencies of sold goods are eliminated, defective goods are exchanged or returned in accordance with the "Retail Trade Rules" approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania by Resolution No. 738 of July 22, 2014, and the provisions of the Civil Code (goods sold under remote or non-commercial premises consumer purchase-sale agreements are returned according to the procedure established in Articles 6.228(10) and 6.228(11) of the Civil Code). In all cases, money for returned goods is transferred only to the payer's bank account.
  3. During the period specified in clause 9.1 of the Rules, the Buyer has the right to exchange and return all goods, except for the exceptions to the return of goods provided in part 2 of Article 6.228(10) of the Civil Code.
  4. To return the goods based on clause 9.1 of the Rules, the Buyer can do so within 14 (fourteen) working days from the day of delivery to the Buyer, informing the Seller via the contact details provided in the contact section, specifying the name of the returned goods, the order number, and the reasons for the return.
  5. When returning goods, the Buyer must adhere to the following conditions:
            The returned goods must be in their original, neat packaging;
            The goods must not be damaged by the Buyer; The goods must not be used and must retain their commercial appearance (labels must not be damaged, protective films must not be removed, etc.) (this clause does not apply in the case of returning defective goods);
         The returned goods must be in the same complete set as received by the Buyer;
              The purchase document must be provided when returning the goods.
  6. The Seller has the right to refuse the return of goods if the Buyer does not comply with the return procedure specified in clause 5.3.
  7. When returning received incorrect and/or defective goods, the Seller undertakes to retrieve such goods and replace them with analogous suitable goods.
  8. If the Seller does not have suitable goods for replacement when goods are returned/exchanged according to clause 9.7, the Buyer will be refunded the full amount paid, including the delivery costs paid by the Buyer.