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About us

Vilnis ir Baltijos

Company MB “GINTARAS SVEIKATAI” translation UAB „VILNIS IR BALTIJOS GINTARAI”, veikusios nuo 1990 iki 2023 metų, visų teisių perėmėja.

Company specializes in health enhancing products, handmade and sewn from natural linen, filled with organic Baltic sea amber. Most popular products include pillowcases, breathable baby mats, car seat cushions, mats for beds, back belts, sauna hats, sauna mats, sleeping glasses, wristbands.

The positive effects of amber on the human body (improving blood circulation, sleep quality, strengthening the immune system, beneficial impact on the central nervous system, etc.) have been known since ancient times.

The positive effects of amber health products on human health have been scientifically validated. In 2013, the company was granted an invention patent confirming this fact. Our products can be used for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and preventive health improvement. They are also suitable for use in SPA centers and amber therapy rooms, which the company helps to set up. The company also accepts customer orders for sewing. Orders can be completed using the customer's materials or our own fabrics.

Additionally, our company produces jewelry, souvenirs, and business gifts made from natural amber.

The company participates in international exhibitions and has partners in Europe, Scandinavian countries, the UAE, and the Gulf countries.

Our company employs craftsmen who are well-versed in their work and have extensive experience in both amber processing and the production of amber therapy products and sewing. Our company's goal is to raise awareness of the positive properties of amber for the human body and to enable as many people as possible to benefit from it.

Our ancestors knew and utilized amber not only for its beauty but also for its health benefits. Therefore, we follow the experience of our forebears, creating products that help people stay young, energetic, and healthy, like amber.


IN VILNIUS – AMATŲ NAMAI, Pilies St. 22, daily from 10:00 to 19:00

KAUNAS - Laisvės alėja 71, daily from 10:00 to 19:00

IN PALANGA – PALANGOS GINTARO TURGUS, Senojo Turgaus St. 12, daily 10:00 to 19:00 val.